About the Artist

Hal Prewitt is a well known race car driver, American businessman, artist, photographer, inventor and early pioneer in the personal computer revolution. Traveling the world has allowed Hal to capture an array of magical moments. Majestic images of landscapes and exotic locales reveal a sense of space and depth resulting from perfect timing and expert compositions.  Many of his majestic images of wildlife, landscapes and exotic locales are on display in Park City, Utah Fine-Art Galleries.

Hal says, "Often efforts spent locating the ideal spot and special moment in time are in great contrast to racing and driving at 180 miles per hour. It is a never ending quest for challenging and unique images. I love capturing nature's elusive beauty and waiting for wildlife, the wind, clouds, and light to blend in a mystical way to produce that one-of-a-kind masterpiece. When a great capture all comes together, it is like winning a race that likely will never be repeated."

His images are often nature and panoramic landscapes. Although unique his work has been compared to Ansel Adams and Peter Lik. In his youth, Hal was a painter and learned photography. For the most part, he has given up drawing and painting and today produces images with a digital camera. Hal says, "traditional paintings come from the artist's mind. They are not real, are often easier to produce nor do they capture that unique moment of time that likely will never be repeated. Although anyone can take a photograph, the task is extremely difficulty and requires hard work with luck to capture an masterpiece."

Hal recently stopped by the Park City TV studios to talk about his career as a computer pioneer, his race car driving and his photography.   Harold D. Prewitt, Jr is an artist, photographer, race car driver, businessperson, inventor of personal computer products and early pioneer in the personal computer revolution. He resides in South Beach and Park City, Utah.

Park City TV Hal Prewitt Interview