Prewitt Gallery 

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Hal Prewitt
After nearly two successful years, our Main Street, Park City location has closed. Not for lack of success, rather operating a retail business consumed a significant amount of time and was unfair to my wife.  For more efficiency, we are now Internet based and selected art will be available in fall of 2017 at limited galleries located around the world.

Message from Hal Prewitt:

"It has truly been an honor to meet so many great people and share my art creations. Every artist worries their work will not only be desired but someone will actually give up their hard-earned money to purchase. Thank you for the commitment, as very few artists reach the million and a half dollar achievement. Even making this record, the true reward has come from sharing and talking with visitors, especially our young, as they are our future. 

Many people can do what I’ve done. If I have motivated them to see their destiny and to never give up, I’ve connected and know they will experience success. There is no greater feeling when we positively impact someone.   As an artist, there is no higher appreciation when a client is so moved they buy their first piece of art."

Prewitt Gallery serves as headquarters for the renowned artist, tech pioneer and accomplished race car driver Hal Prewitt.  Traveling the world has allowed Hal to capture an array of awe-inspiring images of wildlife, landscapes, and exotic locales.  Unlike other photographers who produce multiple copies of images, most of Prewitt's are originals.  Similar to paintings, his original images are one-of-a-kind, museum quality and produced on materials using techniques designed to last hundreds of years. The Gallery displays original museum quality collectible art in small and large scale sizes with subject matter featuring contemporary landscapes, wildlife, nature, unique portraits, and images.

Hal Prewitt is a well-known race car driver, American businessman, artist, photographer, inventor and early pioneer in the personal computer revolution. 

Visit www.HalPrewitt.com to access more of Hal's images.

 "It is a never ending quest for challenging and unique images. I love capturing nature's elusive beauty and waiting for wildlife, the wind, the clouds, and the light to blend in a mystical way to produce that one-of-a-kind masterpiece." Hal Prewitt.


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